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ExeScript VBScript Editor

ExeScript VBScript Editor provides you with everything you need to code, debug, protect and deploy scripts
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VBScript Editor
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10 April 2012

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Are you a programmer and need a script editor of professional quality to your shorten your programming time? Well with the help of the ExeScript VBScript Editor which consists of powerful development environment you can now hope considerably save a lot of your valuable time. It consists of various proficient tools needed for the purpose of editing, debugging as well as coding. For general tasks, it automatically generates code for typical functions with minimum interventions. Through with this software you can write programs in various from of scripting languages. The software is exceptionally suited for network administrators, web and database developers.

ExeScript VBScript Editor provides AES encryption technique through which user can send confidential data in secure form. The editor comes loaded with different functions and commands for multiple scripting languages. It consists of debugger tool which provides step-by-step script execution and access code variables in full manner. It doesn’t need to install VBS Editor to run script produced by this software on any workstation. Its script compiler produces .exe files from any script. Its encryption techniques is very powerful and that’s why no one can access original code of user. It supports various script languages like VBScript, WSH, JScript, Python, and many other platforms. The operations it consists are outstanding like switching easily from coding to debugging. Its debugger makes bug hunting and is completely visual. The scripts will run automatically from computer memory when user launches EXE file, everything will remove from computer memory and no one could be able to access your code.

ExeScript VBScript Editor is easy on your system resources yet is heavy on features. The application earns a score of four rating points for its overall versatility and the degree of convenience it offers to developers.

Publisher's description

ExeScript VBScript Editor is a professional-quality script editor providing developers with a powerful script development environment. It provides all of the tools that developers need for each stage of the production process including editing, coding, debugging and deployment. Many different types of scripts are supported. ExeScript VBScript Editor also allows you to generate code automatically for various common tasks. This feature can greatly save time for programmers. The tool also allows you to protect your work using AES encryption. Once debugged and protected, the program will let you create executable files ready for distribution. Extensive help files are provided too. These include detailed references on the various supported scripting languages including functions and commands for each. Many samples for common tasks are also provided. ExeScript VBScript Editor is the perfect solution for web, Flash, software and database developers as well as network and system administrators.
ExeScript VBScript Editor
ExeScript VBScript Editor
Version 2.8
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